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Love Earth? Love Eco Kadé

Welcome! Welcome! Herein lies a blog about rubbish. Yes, literally rubbish—plastic and its woes, in particular.

I’m Saara, a twenty something, stay-at-home mum to a bustling two year old and a newborn! And wife to a doctor. I’m passionate about reading, chocolate, baby wearing, breastfeeding, cloth bumming and gentle parenting. Yup- your run of the mill crunchy mum. 

Read on to find out more about Eco Kadé and what we’re trying to accomplish through setting it up. 

So what exactly is Eco Kadé?

Eco Kadé will be an online store that specializes in selling reusable, plastic free products.

Our little shop will hopefully enable Sri Lankans to slowly yet steadily reduce their use of single-use plastic by switching to a greener, more eco-friendly, sustainable lifestyle while also improving their quality of life. 

Eco Kadé will hopefully be stocking a wide range of products which should in theory cover the basics and beyond of plastic free living in Sri Lanka. 

I do understand that sometimes, switching to an environmentally conscious lifestyle can be an uphill battle. The initial financial outlay and the added task of reusing products (I have to shamelessly admit to occasionally forgetting to carry our reusable straws with me when out and about!) are not to be overlooked.

The important thing to remember when switching to a zero waste lifestyle is that it’s not an all or nothing choice. It involves baby steps and finding alternatives to single use products that suit you and your lifestyle. 

I hope that Eco Kadé can become a community for like-minded souls exploring the zero-waste journey to come together to learn, share ideas, to inspire others and to be inspired.

Eco Kadé will be a stepping stone for community projects such as reforestation projects and beach cleanups. As well as projects aimed at educating the younger generations on the impact of single use plastic. 

Ultimately the aim for eco Kadé is to not just be a shop that sells plastic free products. The aim instead is to give back to the community and our planet while also establishing ourselves as the household name for obtaining alternatives to single use plastic.

The light bulb moment that sparked the idea for Eco Kadé

As a couple even during our younger years we were inclined towards being “green.” 

From being involved in activities such as beach cleanups during our schooling days in Sri Lanka (Interact club anyone?) and recycling whenever we could (via the bothal patherai man of course!). 

However come March 2018, a trip to Bali took our zero waste game to a whole other level. We purchased some reusable bamboo straws, which led us to do more research into cutting down our single use plastic.

We’ve since then embarked on our zero waste journey and there’s no turning back for us now!

Reading up on the harmful effects of plastic to ourselves and our eco systems really did have an impact on us. A stroll along our once picturesque beaches in Mount Lavinia and Negombo for example is testament enough to the impact of plastic on our planet. 

Alas, this ‘plastic problem’ isn’t going to go away on its own. Every piece of plastic that you’ve ever used still exists somewhere in some landfill, washed away into the ocean or ingested by some marine creature. 

And it’s all this doom and gloom of the irreversible damage caused by the litter we so thoughtlessly discard that sparked the idea for Eco Kadé. Countless nights spent staring at a laptop looking into running a small business and hey presto Eco Kadé was born!

What will this blog address?

This blog will be a combination of a lot of things including:

  • Our zero-waste journey 
  • How we’re progressing towards zero waste as a family 
  • Useful information on the real extent of plastic pollution in Sri Lanka
  • The little steps we can all take towards being more eco-conscious. 

The blog will also document our litter-picking adventures; my musings on plastic usage; and special features like Plastic Free July, Bees’ Needs Week, Oceans Week and Real Nappy Week.

If you found this blog post informative and entertaining and the idea of Eco Kadé intriguing, please do subscribe!

Feel free to spread the word on Sri Lanka’s one stop shop for plastic-free living. 

If you have any suggestions as to the type of products you would like us to stock, please do let us know in the comments below and we shall do our best to provide it!

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