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    Love Earth? Love Eco Kadé

    Love Earth Love Eco Kadé

    Welcome! Welcome! Herein lies a blog about rubbish. Yes, literally rubbish—plastic and its woes, in particular. I’m Saara, a twenty something, stay-at-home mum to a bustling two year old and a newborn! And wife to a doctor. I’m passionate about reading, chocolate, baby wearing, breastfeeding, cloth bumming and gentle parenting. Yup- your run of the mill crunchy mum.  Read on to find out more about Eco Kadé and what we’re trying to accomplish through setting it up.  So what exactly is Eco Kadé? Eco Kadé will be an online store that specializes in selling reusable, plastic free products. Our little shop will hopefully enable Sri Lankans to slowly yet steadily…