Shipping Policy

 Shipping/Postage Policy

As a Zero Waste forward thinking enterprise we want to ensure that we take every step towards being green. This includes our shipping/postage and packaging as well. Hence, we have a few options; pick up at our locations, postage via our courier person or via a low carbon courier company. This means that delivery could take anywhere up to a week as we would like to collect all the orders together and make a favourable postage route or drop it off at our pick up locations. 

Orders are generally processed within 48hrs. We will send an email confirmation when the order has been made ready and dispatched according to your choice of shipping/postage. 

If you have chosen to pick up the products at our pick up locations – we will provide you with the date and time for when your order will be ready to be collected. You will be notified if there are any changes to this. 

If you have chosen a courier method – we will be able to give you a more accurate date and time if you have chosen to have our courier deliver your order to you. Otherwise the courier company will be in touch and deliver according to their availability. 

The postal address cannot be altered once the order has been dispatched. 

Eco Kadé is not liable for any delay/damage or loss of items whilst item is in transit via the courier company. All such liability and responsibility lie solely with the shipping and/or courier organization.

At Eco Kadé reducing waste and minimizing packaging is a cornerstone to our business. We invest time and effort to reuse as much packaging from our suppliers as possible. So if you receive a “wonky box” with paper based postal tape and our logo on it you can count on the fact that it was a reused box hence minimizing our carbon footprint. 

Payment Options

Cash on delivery – only applicable to pick up locations and courier provided by ourselves (preferred).

Direct transfer to bank account (preferred).

Delivery cost is incurred on most orders – except pick up – most eco friendly. Orders over Rs 5000 eligible for discounted or free postage (location dependent) and orders over Rs 7500 delivery is free of charge (location dependent).