Eco Kadé Bamboo Forest

Woohoo! You’re here! Now, you either got here intentionally or you stumbled upon our website by accident when your cat decided to use your laptop as his most recent napping station-either way we’re stoked to have you here!

About Us 

Hello there, we’re Munsif and Saara- the husband and wife duo that set up Eco Kadé. Eco Kadé is a small, eco conscious, ethical business that carefully sources affordable, well-crafted zero-waste products for Sri Lanka. Through Eco Kadé, we aim to raise awareness about the impact of single use plastic on our health and ecosystems, and encourage you to embark on a zero-waste journey along with us.


Our Vision

Aspiring towards a cleaner, greener Sri Lanka.

Our Story

We were always passionate about “going green,” by being involved in activities such as beach clean ups during our schooling years in Sri Lanka and recycling whenever the opportunity arose.  However, we really stepped up our zero waste game when we were introduced to the concept of reusable, bamboo straws in Bali. We purchased two packs of bamboo straws and have been inspired to cut down on single use plastics ever since. Following the bamboo straws we ditched the disposable nappies for my son and the disposable sanitary protection for myself and switched to their reusable counterparts. We’ve also started growing our own herbs, fruits and vegetables in our rather tiny back garden.  

We realize that in Sri Lanka it’s a herculean task to obtain plastic free products in one place and hopefully our online store Eco Kadé will be the answer to your woes. We will be stocking a host of plastic free products ranging from household to personal and baby products. If you are interested in switching to a more sustainable lifestyle then Eco Kadé is the place to shop at!

Eco Kadé will be more than just a shop selling plastic free products. Instead we would like to foster a community. A community that gives back to our country’s precious eco systems via reforestation projects, beach cleanups, awareness projects and by swapping single use plastic with reusable products.

Our company is built on a bedrock of passion and commitment towards a greener Sri Lanka. This passion is what sparked the idea for Eco Kadé.

Here’s a bit more on us:

  • Currently juggling a whirlwind two year old son and a newborn!
  • Love traveling and experiencing new cultures and cuisines
  • Generally procrastinate by binge watching TV shows together (once the toddler is in bed of course!)

And a bit on Sajjad (our man on the ground):

  • Lives in Colombo and just completed his degree in accounting and finance
  • Tech savvy
  • Professional procrastinator

Want to join forces with us on our journey towards a greener Sri Lanka? Follow our blog and feel free to contact us if you have any queries or comments. We won’t leave you hanging- we promise!