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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Why should I buy your products? I mean is plastic really that bad?


Single use plastic really is that bad.

If you’re still not convinced, check out our blog on plastic and it’s myriad of evils

  • Why shop with us?

We are a pioneer in zero waste in Sri Lanka. Our reusable products have been carefully sourced to ensure that you get the best single use plastic alternatives out there.

  • Are all your products 100% plastic free?

We are trying our best to ensure that all our products have minimal plastic in them. This includes the packaging that they arrive in. 

If one of our suppliers do include plastic packaging in their products (the storage jars for example), rest assured that we have tried contacting them with regards to changing this.

  • What’s with all the bamboo?

Pandas love bamboo and so do we!

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world. It releases 30% more oxygen compared to other plants and so is wonderful at reducing the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. It also requires no fertilizers to ensure optimal growth and has antibacterial properties. 

Bamboo is a pretty amazing species of plant and we’re kinda obsessed with it here at Eco Kadé!

  • How do I get in touch?


Just email us at info@ecokade.com. Or direct message us on one of our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter- you know the drill). 

You can also message us via our contact page

We will try our best to respond within 48 hours (apologies for this; but we are a small family run business and so for now 48 hours is the best we can do)


  • I’ve been converted! How do I place an order?

It’s pretty straight forward. Visit our website at www.ecokade.com and browse through our list of products. Once you’ve found what you want you can either email us or direct message us via one of our social medial profiles (facebook, instagram and twitter) to place your order. 

  • How do I pay for my order?

We’ve got a few options with regards to payments.

Cash on delivery- this applies only to orders that you collect from one of our pick up locations or if our courier is delivering your order.

Direct transfer to our bank account

  • What happens after I’ve placed my order?

You’ll receive a confirmation email within 48 hours of the order being placed. Depending on the delivery method, we will aim to have your purchases delivered to you in 7 days.

  • How will my orders be delivered to me?

Pick Up – at our various designated locations (do try to collect your order only when running an errand within the vicinity of our pick up locations, instead of making a special trip just to pick up your order. This is to ensure that you leave a minimum carbon footprint.

Via our own courier service or via a trusted courier company.

  • Do I have to pay for postage?

Yes. After all we are an up and coming business so we do have to charge you for postage. 

However, there is a catch- if you do decide to collect your order from one of our designated pick up locations you will obviously not have to pay for postage.

And for orders over Rs 5000 you will be eligible for discounted or free postage (location dependent). Orders over Rs 7500 delivery will be free of charge (location dependent).

  • Can I cancel my order?

Yes you can. But please ensure that you contact us at info@ecokade.com within 12 hours of placing your order. Do include your order number in the email so that we can confirm cancellation. 

As long as the order has not been dispatched we can cancel your order and refund it. Please refer to our refunds policy for more information.

  • My order hasn’t arrived! What now?


Please don’t. We’ll sort it out for you. Just drop us an email at info@ecokade.com and we’ll do everything in our power to get your missing parcel back to you. 


  • Can I return stuff I’ve purchased?

No you can’t. 

We’re just kidding.

You can return stuff within 48hrs of purchasing (as long as it is undamaged and in its original packaging). However we would advise you to think long and hard before making a purchase. And if you have any queries about a product please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@ecokade.com before making a purchase.

After all we’re trying to promote sustainability and rushing to and from a post office a million times doesn’t really do much to reducing our carbon foot print. In addition, you i.e. the buyer will have to pay for return postage or drop it off at our stockroom at 2D Rodrigo Lane, Dehiwala.

Please see our returns policy for further details.

  • I’ve received a faulty product. What should I do?

If by chance one of our products is faulty please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@ecokade.com and let us know what the problem is ASAP. Remember nothing in this world is perfect; this includes our products at Eco Kadé. 

Please see our returns and refund policy for further information.


  • Can I exchange the products I’ve ordered for something else on your website?

Yes you can exchange.  

However we do recommend that you don’t impulse buy as we want to keep our carbon footprint and costs down so we can transfer these benefits to you- our customer. 

Please see our returns policy for further information.


  • Why the wonky packaging?

At Eco Kadé reducing waste and minimizing packaging is a cornerstone to our business. We invest time and effort to reuse as much packaging from our suppliers as possible. So if you receive a “wonky box” with paper based postal tape and our logo on it you can count on the fact that it was a reused box hence minimizing our carbon footprint. 

I’ve got more questions. Help!

Send us an email via info@ecokade.com 

               Or you could direct message us on any one of our social media platforms.

               Or even drop us a WhatsApp message on +94768621306.

Now go forth and shop to your hearts content!