Reusable Facial Rounds – 5 set


Tired of realising that you’ve yet again run out of disposable makeup wipes or cotton pads at the end of a long day?

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Tired of realising that you’ve yet again run out of disposable makeup wipes or cotton pads at the end of a long day? Well we’ve got the perfect, sustainable solution for you- reusable facial rounds. Simply use, wash, dry and repeat!

These little facial rounds are not only great for removing makeup. They can also be used to cleanse and tone your skin after a long day in the heat and humidity.

Washable and reusable, these facial rounds come in either a pack of 5 rounds or 10 rounds. And they will have you well on your way to a plastic free beauty regime!

These rounds consist of three layers of fabric:

  • 100% cotton 
  • Fleece- inner layer to ensure that the round holds its shape during use
  • Super soft flannel- ideal for using on your face

The reusable facial rounds are made consciously in Sri Lanka by a group of women in the outskirts of Colombo thus promoting female employment and empowerment. 

These facial rounds come packaged in recycled paper packaging. No plastic in sight!

Why choose reusable facial rounds?

  • Reusable- reduces plastic waste sent into landfill
  • Economic in the long run as you will be washing and reusing for many years to come!
  • No nasties- just plain fabric that will be in contact with your skin.
  • Supports the local economy and women in the workforce in particular
  • Available in a range of vibrant colours and prints

How do I use and care for my reusable facial rounds?

Reusable facial rounds are used pretty much the same way as their disposable counterparts. You can either apply your product of choice on to your face and wet the round to gently remove it. Or you can squirt the product directly onto your round and then apply on to your face.

Wash your rounds with soap and water immediately after using them to ensure no stains persist. Alternatively you can wash them in your washing machine on a delicate cycle with a gentle detergent below 40 degrees. 

Avoid bleach or stain removers as they may damage the fabric. Fabric softener can cause buildup on the rounds making them less absorbent with time so we would steer clear of them too when washing.

Line dry. Do NOT iron.


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